Phoenix, AZ

322 W Van Buren Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003

(602) 734-5137
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This is one of most upstanding places I' ve ever taken a car to. We aren't from Phoenix, but were in town to look at a car we wanted to purchase. We called AAMCO ahead of time to ask if we could pay to have a mechanic look over the potential purchase and make sure we weren't getting ripped off (I'm a computer guy, not a mechanic). When we were leaving the dealer's for a test drive, we called to let them know we were on the way. He said that they were super busy, but that they'd clear a space for us because he had promised to look at it. After looking over everything, he brought me out to the car to show me a few things that we should be aware of if we were going to purchase the car. He then brought us inside and noted everything he thought we might be able to use to talk the dealer down. He (the owner of AAMCO) had previously been in car sales and he gladly gave us hint after hint on how we might be able to save money during the negotiations. After he was satisfied that we were well-armed to return to the deler, he told us that there would be no charge for his services. I was there with my wife and two young kids, and he said that because we were a young family he wouldn't charge us for anything. WOW. Remember that he wasn't even trying to earn repeat business from us - he knew that we weren't from Phoenix, and that he'd likely never see us again. Seriously people - you can't go wrong doing business with these people. Good, honest, kind, and knowledgeable. Oh, by the way - we ended up saving over $1800 off of the dealer's asking price, largely as a result of the tips that this AAMCO owner supplied us with. If I could give him more than five stars on this rating, I would!